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Allergan Index

  1. Cereals containing gluten, namely: Wheat (such as Spelt and Khorasan wheat), Rye, Barley and Oats

  2. Crustaceans – for example; Prawns, Crabs, Lobster and Crayfish

  3. Eggs

  4. Fish

  5. Peanuts

  6. Soybeans

  7. Milk (including lactose)

  8. Nuts; namely Almonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Cashews, Pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, Pistachio nuts, Macadamia (or Queensland) nuts

  9. Celery (including celeriac)

  10. Mustard

  11. Sesame 

  12. Sulphur dioxide/sulphites, where added and at a level above 10mg/kg or 10mg/L in the finished product. This can be used as a preservative in dried fruit

  13. Lupin, which includes lupin seeds and flour and can be found in types of bread, pastries and pasta

  14. Molluscs like, Mussels, Whelks, Oysters, Snails and Squid

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